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How to find Work-Life Harmony in the face of a pandemic

The month of January 2021 marks ten months since the announcement of lockdown in South Africa.
We have developed terms such as “new normal” however most people agree that adapting to this change has been very difficult. In this blog post I will write about finding work-life balance while facing pandemic.

Be Appreciative
Make a list of things that you are grateful for. This has to be done daily.
It is easy to skip this process as we are constantly bombarded by negativity whether through media, at work or within our families. But according to Neuroscience what wires together stays together. Hence our reality is shaped by what we constantly feed our minds.
So make your gratitude journal your friend. The best time to do this is at night after a busy day. It could be the best way to alleviate the negative energy absorbed throughout the day.

Read Something
None of us living in this century knows precisely how to live and survive a pandemic.
Luckily we have books that are full of content on how to overcome hardships. Reading about others can give us the courage to endure and feel more optimistic about the future.
Read one autobiography every other day. Share what you have read with someone (each one teach one) at work or school. So that those around you are also energized to face the future one day at a time.

By this time all of us have lost a loved one whether a colleague, a friend, or a family member. Life seems to be so overwhelming. It is easy to live your life “flexing”, trying by all means to be strong. However strength comes from being able to be vulnerable. We need to take some time off from work and get a head-space so we can properly grieve the loss of the loved ones. This is so important as it will allow us to move on properly and be productive again.

Workout daily
It is never about how many miles you can run or how many reps you can do. It is about getting your dosage of endorphins everyday. Working out not only keeps your body and mind healthy but it gives you a sense of accomplishment. It refreshes your mind and gives your life harmony in the mist of the pandemic.

This post is based on personal experience and research. Information contained is based on opinions and personal journals of the author.

Author : Mhlengi Ngcobo