Welcome to CoffeeMM, where you can indulge in excellence, from bean to cup.

Discover a world where passion meets perfection. Nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch, we take pride in our commitment to crafting exceptional coffee experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Why Choose Us?

We believe in making a positive impact. Our beans are ethically sourced directly from African coffee farmers, fostering sustainability and empowering communities.

Elevate your coffee journey with our specialised courses. From barista training to coffee roasting courses and hospitality programs, we empower enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Take a piece of our passion home with you. Explore our curated selection of high-quality coffee beans, meticulously sourced and expertly roasted for a truly exquisite cup.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our Stellenbosch coffee shop at the CoCreate Hub. Whether you’re here for a quick pick-me-up or a leisurely sip, our skilled baristas are ready to create a memorable experience.

At CoffeeMM, we’re not just brewing coffee; we’re cultivating a community of coffee enthusiasts. Explore, learn and savour the journey with us.

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"I had the amazing privilege to meet the founder of Coffee MM and need I just say, this young man is AMAZINGLY HUMBLE and so friendly!! Keep up the good work buddy and may you be prosperous in every possible way! And just by the way, your coffee is the best! I really recommend this to anyone and everyone!"
Phillip Greeff
"Nice little place in the centre of Stellenbosch."
Alwyn Smit
"I've been having coffee from CoffeeMM since last year, alternating between a variety of brands, particularly, the Ugandan and Brazilian brands. I recently had the Guatemala brand and I must say this is the BEST coffee I have ever tasted. A very fine and rich taste!!! Thank you CoffeeMM.”
Sabina M
"Great shared space where everyone can value from!"

We are passionate about empowering small-scale coffee farmers.
With your support you help us help them.

Best Coffee Experience.