Our Mission
CoffeeMM’s mission is to:

 Serve and empower more people by offering the best coffee product.
 Respond immediately to our customer’s changing needs.
 Create Agro-economic empowerment platform for coffee farmers.
 Promote fair and direct trade.

About the Founder

CoffeeMM was founded solely by Mhlengi Ngcobo at just 22 years. Mr Ngcobo was a Civil engineering student studying at Stellenbosch University Western Cape, South Africa. Mr Ngcobo has always been fond of coffee, during his early years in high school he was diagnosed with Young Hypertension. The doctors recommended that he stops consuming coffee because it has a high level of caffeine. This was difficult for him and hence he chose to study coffee in depth to see and understand the negatives of drinking coffee. His love for coffee grew even stronger while studying at university and doing a project management course to which he had to choose one type of business to specialize on. Mr Ngcobo chose a coffee business. That meant that he had to devote all his energy into studying the market for coffee in South Africa.  As a student Mr Ngcobo claim he used to drink 5-6 cups of coffee per day, ranging from cappuccino, lattes, Americano and occasionally espresso. Mr Ngcobo had a cliché “Coffee keeps me going…” and still uses this cliché to this day.


About the Business

Our company and brand is about bringing together customer experience and creating opportunities for the communities. We believe that unless we are creating real value and making difference in
people’s lives we would not have achieved our vision.

CoffeeMM is a coffee roastery located in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.
In the initial phase of the business CoffeeMM focuses on selling coffee online using E-Commerce and supplying restaurants and companies with fresh gourmet coffee.
We source fresh green coffee beans from African countries (Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi and also Indonesia) and roast them using reputable coffee roasters and baristas.
CoffeeMM sell gourmet coffees, espresso, lattes, hot chocolate and Cappuccinos.
With every order prepared with delicacy to meet the customers unique preference.


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