Welcome to CoffeeMM, your premier destination for exceptional coffee experiences! Nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch, we are a boutique coffee company committed to a journey that begins with ethically sourced beans and culminates in the perfect cup of coffee.

At CoffeeMM, we believe in the power of intentionality, guiding every step from bean to cup. Our commitment to quality extends to the origins of our beans, sourced ethically from African coffee farmers in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda. Through this dedication, we aim to empower these farmers and uplift their communities.

Explore the art and science of coffee with our comprehensive barista training and coffee roasting courses. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast, an aspiring barista, or an industry professional, our courses are designed to elevate your skills and passion for coffee. Our hospitality training programs are also tailored to help individuals wanting to work in hospitality.

As your go-to coffee hub, we offer a diverse range of high-quality coffee beans for sale, ensuring that you can bring the rich flavours of our carefully sourced and roasted beans into your own home. Additionally, our vibrant coffee shop in Stellenbosch provides a cosy atmosphere where you can savour expertly brewed coffee crafted by our skilled baristas.

As we continue to grow rapidly, CoffeeMM stands as a hot spot in the coffee scene, constantly raising the bar for excellence. Join us on this exciting journey of exceptional coffee, ethical practices, and community empowerment.

Indulge in the extraordinary – sip, learn, and experience coffee like never before at CoffeeMM.


  • Expand our reach and empower communities by delivering the finest coffee products.
  • Stay agile and responsive to our customers’ evolving requirements with prompt and effective solutions.
  • Establish an agro-economic empowerment platform to uplift coffee farmers and enhance their livelihoods.
  • Promote fair and direct trade practices, ensuring equitable partnerships and sustainable relationships throughout the coffee supply chain.


Meet Mhlengi Ngcobo, the driving force behind CoffeeMM. At just 22, while studying Civil Engineering at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, he navigated a unique journey with coffee. Diagnosed with Young Hypertension in high school, doctors advised him to cut out coffee due to its caffeine content. Undeterred, Ngcobo delved into a comprehensive study of coffee, unravelling its complexities and laying the foundation for his love affair with the brew.

During university, he took a project management course, choosing to specialize in the coffee business. This decision led him to immerse himself in understanding the South African coffee market. A self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, Ngcobo, who once consumed 5-6 cups daily, remains fuelled by his cliché: “Coffee keeps me going.” Join him and CoffeeMM on a journey that goes beyond appreciation—it’s a celebration of passion, dedication, and the entrepreneurial spirit of a coffee enthusiast.


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